You Can Sit With Us

Confession: I love events and networking!

So any cool social sessions that are out there, I’m most likely in the know or there in person. As an avid social events goer I have noticed that there is an ugly social divide going on and honey it is not cute at all.

In my early days of blogging, I noticed trying to get into that circle was going to be extremely hard because nobody knew me and add not being cool enough to list ummmm I was pretty much non-existent. Like ‘who are you?’

From what I observed, I wasn’t the only one facing this struggle. The creative world can be really brutal and if you do not have the stomach for putting up a good fight, you just might reroute and venture into other things. I would know because I did shut down my platform!

I have seen other creatives who are truly talented being overlooked because they didn’t have a following. How is someone who is pushing their craft in the early stages supposed to have a 10k following? Baffled right? So am I!

I was having a conversation with a really cool woman who was also frustrated by the fact that we seem to be tearing each other down as women as opposed to building each other up.

I love how every Zimbabwean is chanting praises for Danai Gurira, I love her to bits. Her grind is goals! But why were we not clapping hands for her and her organisation before she starred In ‘The walking Dead.’

Why were we not cheering her on before she blew up?


This ‘you cant sit with us’ vibe is uncool and very ugly.

Dear young african queen, You can sit with me and Yes I will be cheering you on!

Let us buy into the African dream a lot more and amplify praises for each other.

I am here for everyone Zimbabwean and African

….. and to quote Lupita Yes! ‘Our Dreams Are Valid’



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My name is Nyaree and Tribe Called Her was birthed from the desire I had to see more African women winning and applauding each other. I hope we all become the women we were set out to be, inspire and empower each other along the way. I live by the mantra that ‘You can sit with us’

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