You Are A Walking Brand

One of the most powerful things I have ever learnt is that I am a walking brand. Everywhere I go I am a representation and an embodiment of everything I stand for. My vibe, my image and my message!

Since God redirected my path, I spend hours on my new found passion and recently I have been ‘rebranding’ myself and I think it’s important that you make this a priority for you as well.

You are a walking billboard sis

Define on your Values List at least 3 values that you want to be a guide for you at any given point. This helps you clarify and put any decision into perspective for you, its an important practice and will come in handy when you want make intellectual decisions. Aligning yourself to these values, gives you consistency and better solidifies your overall brand.

Create a Brand Statement This is a statement that summarises what you are about in a short and concise statement. It will help steer your goals and strategy in the right direction and influences every decision that you make. In it you should include what you do, what makes you different and your brand promise that you will uphold whenever people interact with you.

Refine Your Image As you tackle this, please be cautious to not let this define you as it is one of the things I consider ‘superficial’ if one makes this all there is to them. However there is no denying that its an important aspect in the overall integrated strategy of your personal brand. Your image can include your headshots, an email signature and even how you dress. This helps tie in together how people perceive you and helps with the consistency of your messaging.

Go Digital Digital platforms are the best affordable ways in which you can effectively communicate your personal brand. As you are starting, pick a maximum of two platforms that you will channel all your focus on. I would advise that one of these be a website and one other social media platform of your choice. If you are not sure how best to get started on social media, then read this article.

These are a few things that you can kickstart with in creating a personal brand this year, lockdown can make it difficult to showcase your outfits but start planning today sis. Once we are out of quarantine, your solid plan should set you apart from the crowd. Combine this with a strong doss of confidence and you have a winning formula for 2020.

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