Lowkey Triggered :Insecure Review

Listen, this last episode of Insecure got me triggered. It was a solo Issa act and I still can’t shake it off. I saw way too much of myself in this episode and I can’t deal. I even struggled with writing this because I feel exposed.

This was the follow up act after the big fight between Issa and Molly. See things almost got physical between these two people who were once the perfect version of ride or die. If you have ever acted out of character in a fight with a loved one then you would understand why Issa was struggling.

Lately, I have found myself in such a scenario and the hurt that comes with that still makes my heart bleed.

Issa was over compensating in her kindness and it didn’t come as a surprise when the ‘sip n paint’ ladies took advantage of her extra nice spree. She was ODing on the kindness. But I get her, anything to distract you from the actual problem right.

Issa was battling a whirlwind of emotions and the one god thing she did was go see her mum, get that hug and advice from mama. They always know best right? and again I was in my feels, wishing I could call my own mum but that’s something that can no longer be a reality for me. Not in this lifetime anyway.

I did however call a mentor of mine

I shed a few tears as I bare my soul but this episode got me triggered sis. I saw myself in Issa when she said ‘I’m always the first one to reach out’. I know the Bible says we have to pick up our cross daily but when you are always bruised by someone, this part tends to be the hardest

Pray for me ya”ll. Till next time sis!

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