Case of the Ex: Insecure Review

Hey girl hey

I absolutely loved the last episode from Insecure. Wait, can we just talk about how Issa and Lawrence displayed exemplary maturity. I live for it and I’m here for it!

Granted its taken years for them to get to this but it’s a W in my eyes.

I personally don’t entertain an ex BUT if we are both mature enough to hash things out without blaming the next person then I can consider it. We tend to not hear the next person when we are hurting and often that creates animosity between two people who once had deep love for each other. Issa and Lawrence are no longer clouded by their emotions and lately they can hang around each other and actually crack jokes.

Here’s a few tips on how you too can have a conversation with your ex.


I can’t stress this enough. Break-ups are hectic and painful so it is important that you take care for yourself and find yourself once again. This week’s episode has been building up for 2 seasons and rightfully so. Issa and Lawrence are in much better spaces emotionally, socially and financially. They are not allowing the past events to cloud their judgements. Take time out to grow and heal!


Can we talk about the communication growth displayed by these two. They were both honest, direct, vulnerable and transparent. For the first time they both spoke from the heart and they were both willing to HEAR what the next person had to say. Issa told Lawrence about how she would always drive around, dreading to go home and Lawrence opened up about having bought a ring for her and wanting to move. These are things they both failed to communicate to each other in the past. If you’re going to talk to your ex, be honest and speak from a place of love. Communicate the difficult things in a constructive way.

Own It

No one is perfect and the both of you are responsible for the breakdown of your relationship. Honesty comes with having to hear some not so good things about yourself and that’s okay sis. Issa and Lawrence opened up and no-one felt like punching the next person in the face because they could finally see themselves through the eyes of the next person. He’s going to sit across you and tell you how whack you were when you were with him, own it and make mental notes to become better.

“It was just easier to blame you. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with my own sh**…” -Lawrence

Have NO Expectations

Now Issa and Lawrence ended up hooking up with each other but in real life, it does not always work out that way. Time apart might also mean that the next person has moved on or they are just in a different place. Approach this meet up with no expectations but a desire to learn more about yourself. It will hurt you all over again if you approach this from a happily ever after perspective.

If you are both in a place of being able to try again, then that’s a different conversation.

I can’t wait to see how Issa and Molly deal with their issues after watching this episode.

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