No luck swiping right on Zim Tinder.

Due to the nature of the content in this article, please note that the contributor will remain anonymous.

Months ago I came across this article on xoNecole that had a Tinder success story. I eyeballed because I’m an old soul who prefers meeting a potential partner the old school way.

Weeks later, I went out for lunch with the contributor who is a close friend of mine and lo and behold, my girl had an active Tinder profile. I was shaken for a moment but I soon understood why they had chosen that route. It’s been months since my friend and I had that conversation, so I decided to check in and find out how life is going in the world of online dating.

‘So I joined because I felt I wasn’t meeting any new men around and I was curious and wondered if Tinder would actually work. Does it work? … Yeah sure! You could match some people. Is Zim tinder truthful?… I say hell naw!!

A lot of the men’s profiles are not true. There’s a whole bunch of catfishes out there on Tinder and you can’t really Google these Zim guys on Tinder to find out if they are real or not. Most guys do not fill out a profile 🚩… no profile was a no to me. The ones that I matched with and had an interesting profile turned out to be looking for hook ups. Most men on Tinder don’t like to talk to you within the app, they want your number 👀 from the get go. And that random one you seem to be vibing with suddenly disappears and you are left wondering if they were ever real 🤣 Not to mention the married ones that you see on Tinder and know them from around 👀🤡’

I once matched with this guy, who looked decent and had a witty profile. I swiped right and HELLO match!
In the back of my mind I had this feeling that I knew this person from somewhere… He opens up with some cheesy pick up line and we laughed about it.
A few minutes later the profile had disappeared.
Then I looked up the person I thought he was and lo and behold it was him…🤣😂 using his second name on Tinder. That was the last time I went down that route. Handichada!
(I’m done!)

Ladies, I cannot stress how important it is for us to be extra cautious when meeting people offline that you connected with online. Communicate with someone you trust and loved ones about your movements, I highly recommend that your initial interactions be in public places. Research!

I am an old soul and these stories are part of the reason why I am not sold on having a profile on Zim Tinder. In the follow up edition of this story, I will be sharing experiences from another one of my friends who also decided to adopt this unconventional method of dating

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