Networking During Lockdown

Hey girl, so I know we all in the house bored and we in the house bored. That’s cool though because now we’ve got more time to use social media to our advantage. Too much of anything is never good especially social media and often it tends to be toxic but not for you and me though.
We’re Smart!

Ever heard of the adage ‘your network is your net worth? Well, we are about to increase our net worth over the next two weeks by being strategic with how we use our social media profiles. The six degrees of a theory is an idea that suggests that we are 6 people (or even less) away from the ideal spouse, the person who can act as a catalyst to a business deal or any person who might have us on the highway to goal manifestation.

Connections are not just going to come our way just by us wishing it or going that our friends will forever keep us in mind when they walk through some doors. Girl, let’s be more daring in the next few weeks and take charge of our lives by putting ourselves out there and here’s how we are going to get it done…

Lets up our game. Remember I said you’re smart yeah, so prove it. Use your social media to showcase your skills and to brand your self. Use your social media profiles to show and tell your knowledge and expertise even if you’re a beginner within your space. Share information, news and updates within your industry so we all get to know what you’re about. Stamp your authority and educate everyone else on your timeline 

It goes down in the DMs. I know this is scary and we never talk about it but most of us are scared of rejection. It’s hard to shoot your shot, only to be received with a read and no response message. You and I are going to face our fears head-on. Let’s reach out to the people whom we’ve been hoping to work with in the past, but we won’t be empty-handed handiti. We are going to offer them something that’s in our portfolio for free and give them a reason to want to work with us once we are out of lockdown

Good etiquette has not been cancelled, sis. I understand why a lot of people are scared of putting themselves out there, it can be brutal. There’s a lot of negativity and criticism that comes with social media but we’re going to be brave and do it scared anyway. Yeah, there are trolls out there but we won’t let them get to us girl. Aka said it best when he sang Composure ‘This ain’t your moment we own it now’. Don’t lose your composure and do not allow the critics to take away your moment. Stay professional and kind. Even in the face of criticism, girl you’ve got this! 

Live Tweet with a twist. I have girlfriend who landed a job by live tweeting an event some years back. Well since going outside has been cancelled, I know you are wondering how in the world we are going to be live tweeting. Yeah well we can focus on the excuse or the opportunities that are in front of us. Everyone and their cousin right now in YOUR field are hosting webinars or some form of social media live event, let’s retweet those and get our brand out there.

twitter fingers

Happy #lockdown sis 🤗

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