Insecure Season 4 Review

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Insecure Season 4 is finally here and here’s a Saved girl’s preview on episode one.

Right off the bat, I’m loving the independent and driven Issa, she has her own spot, she’s managing the building she’s staying in and sis is working on her block party. Last season, Issa told Molly that every time she tried to get herself together, she would just wind up in the same mess all over again. I leaped on the inside when Issa said to Molly this time around ‘Ever since I got my place in order, it’s like my life follows too…’

Ladies a round of applause for this Issa that has everything going on for her.

Issa’s block party is finally here but she is haunted by her past once again. Condola who is helping her with the planning is dating Lawrence, Bruh🙄 Friends like Molly are to be forever treasured though, she told Issa the truth and how she constantly attracts drama into her life because of the decisions she makes like choosing to keep Condola as a friend. I pray God plants a Molly in your life, a real mirror sis.

Let’s talk about Molly real quick, so she’s been hooking up with Andrew and now she’s catching feelings. Paul warns us countless times about being unequally yoked and premarital sex and this phase in Molly’s life is a true representation of why as christian women we ought to wait. Andrew told Molly that he’s still dating other people and of course she’s hurt, girl these are situations we often find ourselves in when we don’t trust God to be true to His word.

Watch the trailer below..

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