Hitting Rock Bottom: A Reminder From Necole Kane That It Gets Better!


So if you’re in my circle, you probably know first hand that I had the rug pulled from under my feet and I could not deal. I just couldn’t!

The dark days felt so prolonged and then the depression kicked in, the thing is, I am always smiling so most people couldn’t tell that I was dealing. I could be out with people I genuinely cared for and had on the happiest face in the room and in actual fact, I was very sad, angry and upset at everybody and everything.

Thank God for Mac, I had everybody fooled! A good face beat and I had everyone thinking I had it all together. As if that wasn’t enough, then came the heartbreak.

Yup! Right in the middle of my financial storm, he left. Did I mention that at this point, I was already depressed and yet I was trying to suppress it and then BOOM, I was alone? See the breakup is a story for another blog post but I you get the picture right?

Finacial problems, No job, No Bae and Oh I had deleted my old blog, so No Outlet. Life Sucks…

But Hold’up! Que the music right about now…….


I made a conscious decision to not be in that space anymore, so first stop I had a few calls to make. I had to reach out to my sisters and be vulnerable. It was time, to tell the truth and be honest.

At this point, I had to take care of me. So it didn’t matter that I was on the patio of some coffee spot, balling my eye out, I had to let it out. Thank God for my soul sisters, I could call in the middle of the night and they would talk me out of whatever mess and feeling I was dealing with.

See the thing that actually sparked this whole post is a talk I was listening to by my favourite blogger, Necole Kane. I started following her years back when she ran one of the biggest gossip blogs at that time and to date, she is still my fav.

Every tear she sheds on the clip below, I can relate to, I feel it because in her I see myself. She is a reminder to me that hitting rock bottom isn’t the end. See through past her tears, there is a great narrative of light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear Queen, do not stay in that deep hole for too long. You are a star and as cliche, as it sounds, this too shall pass.

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