Here’s How I Know There’s A God


One of the hardest things I have had to deal with this year has been my health. It came out of the blue and it was a struggle I was never fully equipped for. I was never ready!

For the past couple of years, my biggest battle has been to tick off the things that are on my vision board and I have genuinely been trying to get it all done. As each year goes by it feels more and more like that will never happen for me. Sometimes I feel like okay I have it going on and then life happens.

So the bottom line is I’m striving for my glow up and I cannot afford to get sick not even for a second, imagine the horror when my body failed me and I could not carry on. I was defeated, how could this be happening to me? Does my body not know I have a job, an internship and goals I am trying to aim for?

Well, that situation escalated real quick, 0-100 in a second, I got a wrong diagnosis and I was worse of than when it first started. This was not the plan, I was not meant to be battling my health at this stage of my life, I have stuff I need to accomplish, can I at least get a good break at some point? I told my soul sisters about my struggle with my health and I know they went into prayer mode.

That weekend at church I went through all sorts of emotions ranging from anger to hope to surrender and again friends stood with me in faith. That bad health report was just not acceptable, they believed for me. Priceless!

Days weren’t by and I got worse, but I was praying guys. Did God n0t hear me, was He on a break? And then the ugly showed its head, I am not worthy of His attention I told myself. Look at my life, I struggle with completing school, lost a business and it has been hectic all round. So why would  God care to deal with my health now when there’s been all these pending issues?

Another doctor’s visit, this time a different one, I got tests done and still, I was praying under my breath. Results came back and I got the best news of my life, it was something more manageable and with proper treatment, I knew my health was not going to derail me from following what is on my heart. Look at God!

‘…the misdiagnosis was actually God’s healing. It could be that whatever they picked up disappeared. Like people who get tested and the doctor finds cancerous cells but a week later they’re all gone. So we should consider that.’ -Zola

I do not doubt, I believe this with everything in me. There is a God!

To my life sisters, I thank you.


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My name is Nyaree and Tribe Called Her was birthed from the desire I had to see more African women winning and applauding each other. I hope we all become the women we were set out to be, inspire and empower each other along the way. I live by the mantra that ‘You can sit with us’

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  1. Gaudiosah Chimbadzwa says:

    God definitely works in our lives, he fights our battles, the ones that confront us head-on and the ones we don’t even see at times. He always shows himself when we think things cannot get any worse, just to prove that He is a gracious and merciful God, and there is nothing he cannot fix.

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