‘Does your soul need a detox?

Don’t we all just love a good chocolate cake? You know when it’s the right level of moist? Ok maybe if you’re not a cake lover how about a savoury guilty pleasure? I know I do. A little too much I would say!

I find myself in such a battle because I mean treats are GOOD right but on the other hand I have such a passion for healthy living so its important not to go overboard on the desserts! 

During this lockdown I need to confess that I have found it a little more difficult to stay disciplined in the food area. I mean with all the free time and health advice thrown around on the internet its overwhelming sometimes to a point where giving up feels like the easiest option. 

Sometimes it just feels easier to be a loose cannon with no care in the world about the consequences of over eating.



We all know that path is dangerous. As someone who has taken the road before many times I know the end result looks something like a guilty conscience, depression, sickness or added inches! 

Then before you know it you’re crying because you’re looking at all these Instagram fitness models and wishing you looked like them #TheStruggleIsReal

I believe we are all on different levels when it comes to the path to a healthier life. I’m also aware that food is only a part of it. I know when it comes to health there are many other aspects to consider like the mind, fitness etc but I will only focus on the food element. 

I’m not here to tell you what to eat and what not to eat but rather to share some things I’m learning. 

I’ve been discovering that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just start with eating right, thinking positively or going to the gym (though that’s part of it!).

A healthy and lasting lifestyle starts with addressing the condition of your soul first.

The reason we are sometimes caught in vicious cycles of over eating or over indulging is because of a deep lack of fulfilment or even pain. So we attempt to fill these voids or aches with temporary vices yet it’s actually the soul that is crying for our attention. 

Let’s face it, it might feel easier to shove a doughnut down your throat than to allow yourself to process something difficult. Yet the truth is the soul might need a detox.

If we give in to every single urge or craving we have and yet still find ourselves unfulfilled it could mean that what we are craving on the surface might not be what we really need.

One of the keys to us living a healthier lifestyle is for our souls to be filled with something better. So let me ask you this,

How is your soul really?  And what is it full of?

During this lockdown I’ve really had to go deep and start to heal some places of pain that I believe were affecting my eating habits and my health. Its easy to think something like food doesn’t play a part in our overall health but it can! 

As we spend time in dealing with the issues of the soul we might find there will be a greater conviction to eat better and live better. Or maybe a greater need or awareness to practice conscious eating.

By the way I’m in no way saying we can’t treat ourselves or enjoy food. Food is great and treats can work as real motivators but a lot of the times (I will speak for myself here because I’m guilty) our treats don’t stay as treats. Our treats sometimes become unnecessary visitors that end up living permanently in our daily lives.

Lets not grieve our soul by ignoring what it needs.

The journey to good health is taken by one healthy decision followed by another, It’s not a one time event, it’s like a dance. Sometimes you will stumble and sometimes you will be in rhythm. But the trick is to continue in pursuit.

Chiedza is an amazing creative, actress and co-founder of Unshaded Arts. Twitter handle: Miss_Rwodzi
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/chiedza-rwodzi-305a0b127
Instagram: mimz_07

7 thoughts on “‘Does your soul need a detox?

  1. Amen!!! A very misinforming and mind opening read. Motivation to face those inner soul issues head on!! Thanks Girl.

  2. What a revelatory truth, this is good as it addresses the balance we need to have between body and soul to truly thrive in life. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Is all about Self care…I love the caption “whatever is good for your soul …do that”

    This sums it up nicely…Im going to borrow that.

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