Creating My Own Lane

When I got accepted into Uni, that moment was a dream come true for me mainly because I had been awarded the exact program that I wanted which was Human Resources Management. I have always pictured myself as an independent and self reliant woman and this was the first ticket I needed to make goal come alive.

The aim was be a successful young woman in the corporate world, and I was ready to work my way up the ladder in the HR field. I figured if I could get into a much coveted Graduate training program, I would work hard to rise to the top. I was heartbroken when I was forced to face the reality that I might not even be able to make it through even to my lowered standard in a moment of desperation to penetrate as a general hand for any corporate that could take me.

The first reality call I got was when I was trying to find a place for attachment and that experience was terrible for me. It took 3 months of me walking up and down the streets of Harare daily, dropping off my CV for me to finally get a placement at a large company. I recall walking into different companies in that period and I would find heaps of envelopes from other applicants and I would walk away feeling more defeated. I did get two call backs but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make through even though my transcripts were proof that I was performing well in my academics. Reality struck in and I had to get assistance from a ‘connection’ for me to get into the company that finally took me in

The aim has always been for me to be independent and self-reliant, but I found myself asking my parents for money after I had completed my Masters Degree because I didn’t have a job. I had tried a few things, selling perfumes and cross border trading but the businesses didn’t take off as I had expected so I decided to venture in the informal business sector, I had never pictured myself trading in the streets, (zvemaboorangoma). I was embarrassed at first because this was the lowest of lows in my life but I made a resolve within me to make my self a success story and working hard each day to make that my reality.

I have lost count of the number of CVs that I have sent out and the number of people who have raised my hopes up only for them to not follow through. Each day I wake up and put all my energy in my current hustle which has absorbed me even though I am still working on developing myself academically. I am pursuing a diploma in HRD with IPMZ and although I do not see a future for myself in the corporate space at this juncture, I am certain I will map out my own unconventional lane.

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