You Can Sit With Us

Confession: I love events and networking!

So any cool social sessions that are out there, I’m most likely in the know or there in person. As an avid social events goer I have noticed that there is an ugly social divide going on and honey it is not cute at all.

In my early days of blogging, I noticed trying to get into that circle was going to be extremely hard because nobody knew me and add not being cool enough to list ummmm I was pretty much non-existent. Like ‘who are you?’

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Adulting As A Millennial African Woman

As a little girl. growing up I always dreamt of my adulting days! I had it all figured out, I was going to be a Boss woman, who was on top o the world and I was going to be a dope mom and wife. I had it all played out and nothing was going to stand in my way.

Now as I look back, I wish I had been given a manual especially on how lonely it can be in the adulting world. I mean is there a manual and is there a way I can order it and have it delivered to Africa?

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