Advice on how to develop your career and personal brand

You Are A Walking Brand

One of the most powerful things I have ever learnt is that I am a walking brand. Everywhere I go I am a representation and an embodiment of everything I stand for. My vibe, my image and my message! Since God redirected my path, I spend hours on my new found passion and recently I […]

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Career Advice From God

As we wrapped up the last decade, it is so clear that the world as we once knew it has changed. Being African is the coolest thing now. In the last decade, we saw a wave in the rise of African talent and appreciation for it on a global stage . Davido, Chimamanda, Akon, Yvonne […]

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Money (Bond Notes) and Lockdown.

Hey girl hey!  The world looks so much different now since we’ve been in lockdown, quarantine or social distancing for what seems like forever now. Most of us have started noticing the changes in our lives no I don’t mean those extra pounds that we will hopefully take care of when all of this is […]

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Creating My Own Lane

When I got accepted into Uni, that moment was a dream come true for me mainly because I had been awarded the exact program that I wanted which was Human Resources Management. I have always pictured myself as an independent and self reliant woman and this was the first ticket I needed to make goal […]

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