Career Advice From God

As we wrapped up the last decade, it is so clear that the world as we once knew it has changed. Being African is the coolest thing now.

In the last decade, we saw a wave in the rise of African talent and appreciation for it on a global stage . Davido, Chimamanda, Akon, Yvonne Orji and…and…and! These are just a few names to an ever growing list of ground breaking Africans. This brings me to the amazing Yvonne Orji, I was watching an old interview of hers and she unashamedly spoke about how God gave her career advice and that’s how she kickstarted her career in comedy.

Yeah sis!

Obedience has placed her in the rooms she’s now a resident in. From pursing a career in medicine to becoming one of the biggest talents to ever come out of our continent

God instructed, she acted…and Boom!

See the reason why this resonated with me is because I saw my story in hers. Years ago, I chose to pursue a career in the legal field for all the wrong reasons. Despite how much I tried to advance, girl, there was always something in the way blocking that path. On the flip side, getting jobs was never hard for me though. Bizarre, Right?

I began praying about my law degree and that’s when God spoke to me about changing my path and to pursue marketing. Something I had never considered for myself. So yeah like Yvonne, God gave me my career advice.

It wasn’t until I sat down and started sending school applications that I realised that God had already set me on this path with all the jobs I had taken over the years. They were all marketing related. I am now on this journey and it has been effortless in comparison to the Law path I had taken myself on.

Maybe at some point I will be rerouted…who knows🤷🏽‍♀️. But listening to Yvonne boldly proclaiming that God directed her and she obeyed was the most encouraging thing I had heard in a while. Girl, if God is talking to you about something that you think isn’t that big of a deal, Listen and Obey.

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  1. Its the greatest privilege, being sensitive and obedient to God’s voice concerning your area of influence and destiny. It comes with a guarantee that God will prosper you in that arena without fail, and you will undoubtedly impact the masses!

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