Building A Man For Another Woman- Insecure Review


Hey sis! I know it’s been over a week since I have said anything about Insecure but girl the drama though.

I know at some point in time we have all been in relationships were we gave our best selves into it only to be met with immaturity and unwillingness to commit. I know how that feels and it looks like Issa is going through the exact same thing. Yeah, granted she cheated on Lawrence but she also poured way too much of herself into that relationship.

Issa is deeply hurt because Condola is getting the version of Lawrence that she always hoped for but never got. He’s working hard, paying for dates and just flourishing whilst with Condola who seems to be reaping all the benefits of Issa’s work. To quote Issa:

‘I got the ni**a with potential’

Here’s my two cents as a follower of Christ. We often find ourselves caught up in these situations because we didn’t take timeout to ask God what His will is for us. I strongly believe that sometimes we dismiss the voice of God when he’s telling us to not be in those situations because we’re hoping to be the one that can change that dude. So we pour so much of ourselves into a man whom God has destined for something else or just isn’t ready to love us like Christ loved the church

Like Issa if you dismiss the voice of God you will be stuck hurt in your thoughts, thinking about how you only got potential in your relationship because girl, you thought you had it under control.

Sometimes we’re stubborn to seek counsel or even heed into the wisdom of other believers. Proverbs 11:14 says “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

Issa was stuck in a 5 year relationship with the wrong dude and that’s partly because she didn’t intentionally seek Godly counsel from other believers who would have helped her identify how this wasn’t God’s will for her.

Girl as we navigate life, I hope we don’t fall into Issa’s life reel by ‘building a man for another woman’ because we chose not to listen to the voice of God or didn’t seek wise counsel. Stay in prayer girl, till next time🤗!

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