5 Black Fashion Creatives You Need To Add On Your Social Feeds

2020 is the year that just keeps on unfolding like an unpredictable horror movie. At the beginning of lockdown I quickly realised I needed to keep track of my mental health and for the most part I was doing quite okay…that was until the night I watched George Floyd being murdered on camera. I lost it and I was very angry

kept on refreshing my social media feed every few seconds because that horrific incident shook me.

That murder, opened up a conversation on systemic racism that was long overdue. I went on pages of brands I have worked for in the past demanding that they make changes within their organisations and end economic oppression. Having had a first class seat to being overlooked because of my colour, being loud on those pages was the least I could do.

We all have a responsibility to use our voices and amplify our own people. Every little bit helps and below I am listing black voices we all need to rally behind, every follow counts!

Jackie Aina

Nigerian but based in Los Angeles, Jackie has been on the up and up when it comes to representation of chocolate skinned girls. She has collaborated with many brands in the past and is strategically positioned when it comes to fighting against inequality within the fashion industry. She has challenged brands to Pull up or Shut Up by showing receipts of their support for black communities that have suffered from economic inequality.

Melissa from Melissa’s Wardrobe

Hands down a favourite of many. Melisa gives us ‘rich auntie’ vibes because everything about her is a lifestyle. If she posts something that you like, there’s no time to hesitate, quickly proceed to checkout and ask questions later her recommendations tend to be sold out real quick. Melissa has over the past weeks used her voice and platform to speak up against inequality, racism and promotion of black-owned brands. That’s definitely the energy we need right now.

Nyasha Matonhodze

I recently discovered this gorgeous Zimbabwean model and I am glad I did. She has over the past few weeks used her voice and platform to speak up and encourage fashion giants to change the status quo. Nyasha has been very vocal about inequality. Her stories are a true reflection of her stunning soul and I have a great feeling that there’s more ceilings she will be breaking in the future.

Anifa Mvuemba

A groundbreaking Congolese fashion designer who debuted the first ever Digital 3D Fashion Show that literally broke the internet. She highlights African issues through fashion and has also used her platform to highlight the injustices that black people have to deal with in the fashion industry. Anifa was recently recommended by Queen Bey.

Well deserved!

Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha is another Zimbabwean Queen 🇿🇼 we should all be rooting for. She’s a fashion model and creative who can speak 5 languages fluently.

Yass Girl!

Natasha has a Youtube Channel and over the last few weeks she has also challenged the fashion industry to step up and join in the fight against black inequality. Her feed is flawless and her fashion looks are very editorial but she had to pause so she could educate white people on their privilege and has even recommended a few books to help you stay woke. We love to see it!

Have you been following any of these ladies? Please list more black content creators in the comment section that you would want us to follow. Black on Black on Black…..

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