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    Single, Female And African Equals Failure

    If you are 30, African, Female and are single…like me. Then according to the African society, we are failures. Despite what you achieve or fail to accomplish, the ‘when are you going to introduce us to your boyfriend’ question is going to always come up. In fact, you will not hear the end of it till you bring someone through that door.

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    You Can Sit With Us

    Confession: I love events and networking! So any cool social sessions that are out there, I’m most likely in the know or there in person. As an avid social events goer I have noticed that there is an ugly social divide going on and honey it is not cute at all. In my early days of blogging, I noticed trying to get into that circle was going to be extremely hard because nobody knew me and add not being cool enough to list ummmm I was pretty much non-existent. Like ‘who are you?’

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    Advice On How To Adult In Africa

    As a little girl. growing up I always dreamt of my adulting days! I had it all figured out, I was going to be a Boss woman, who was on top o the world and I was going to be a dope mom and wife. I had it all played out and nothing was going to stand in my way. Now as I look back, I wish I had been given a manual especially on how lonely it can be in the adulting world. I mean is there a manual and is there a way I can order it and have it delivered to Africa? Trying to master the world…